Why Use Essential Oils?

Here are the Top 7 Reasons to Use Essential Oils according to my favorite chiropractor, Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton:

  1. They bypass digestion
    • They work whether your gut is functioning well or not
    • They go straight to circulation because the molecules are so small (small enough to cover your cells over 400,000x!)
  2. They can help raise your body’s frequency
    • Every living thing has a frequency because it is in constant vibration
    • Frequencies want to harmonize, and oils that have a frequency that aligns with certain organs will help support those organs
    • A healthy body has an overall frequency between 62-72MHz, and if it drops below that, the immune systems starts to become compromised.
    • Essential Oils have the highest frequencies of any natural substance, ranging from 52-580MHz. The higher the frequency, the quicker it helps your body get back to a healthier frequency
  3. They are the “life blood” of the plant
    • Essential oils circulate within a plant as it grows to help support the health and vitality of the plant
    • It functions much like our own blood as it circulates within our bodies and thus when used for personal health, they can provide similar support within our own bodies
  4. They have multiple applications
    • One oil can be used for multiple purposes. For example, see All About Lavender
    • You also cannot be allergic to essential oils, only hypersensitive.
  5. They are fat soluble
    • This means the oil gets sucked into the skin instantly
  6. They are adaptogenic
    • Oils will go where your body needs support
    • Because every body is different and every body needs different support, some oils will work differently for some than others
  7. They cross the blood/brain barrier
    • The blood/brain barrier protects your brain from toxins
    • Heavy metals can cross the barrier because they are big and heavy (thus the dangers of lead and mercury)
    • Essential Oils cross because they are so tiny and can thus penetrate and support every layer of protection the body has against outside attacks.

Cool right!?!