Day 30: Half Way There!

Woohoo! Half-way point!! In the past 5 days I’ve definitely had my worst days and best days. While I’ve done a better job of keeping up with my videos, I definitely haven’t posted here nearly as often. Certainly have had some good times though, especially with birthday celebrations and hanging with friends for the super bowl.

Anyways, here’s my youtube channel if you are ever so keen to catch up.

Otherwise, here’s Day 30. Ignore the crazy bandana. You’ll understand when you watch. 🙂


Day 3: Blast from the Past!

Guys, I am so highly entertained right now!! Literally had a blast from the past that totally MADE my day!! Some college kids were jamming out in their car next to me to “Who’s in the House” by Carmen. I’m still laughing! This is the epitome of bad white guy rapping in the 90s! But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED this artist back then and have good memories of jamming out with my dad to his music!!

Oh and of course here is today’s recap of successes and stresses today. I’m seriously considering adding Carmen music to my workout routines 🙂