Day 22: Back to Normal

Can’t say that today was all the exciting, but definitely back on track.

Got my 7 hours of sleep.

Got my minimum consumption of water.

Got my morning exercise in.

Popped in on the Facebook group.

No sugary drinks.

Successful day!

Here’s today’s video! Thanks for watching!


Day 16-21: Too Busy for Words

Alright. Needless to say I’ve been slacking off a little this week. Two weeks in a row of having some super busy work days has just thrown me completely off. But that’s an excuse and I let myself slack.

Anyways, I’ve been posting videos still, just haven’t had the chance to post them in my blog as well. So, I’ll just be sharing a link to my channel tonight and you can watch if you like.

Of the successes I can count towards this Slique in 60 challenge, I’d say I’m still successful in staying away from high sugar drinks and pastries. Most nights I’ve gotten the 7 hours of sleep, and my work actually accounted for a lot of exercise because of how much I would walk each day.

My struggles have been regular focused exercise and water consumption since I was running around so much for work. And keeping up with videos. I think I’ve only missed 2 or 3 so far, and just ended up summing two days in one video.

But that ends this week. It’s a new start, a new month approaching, and I’m sticking to my guns starting tomorrow. No more birthday or work excuses, I’m getting this done. Never give up!!

Even if you stumble, don’t stop. Each day is a new day, a new start. Learn from your past and move forward. Period.

Thanks for reading!

Day 7: Hiking with Hubby

We’ve had some crazy weather in TN lately. Last weekend, it was snowing. I mean, 2 inches near the city and 5 inches in the mountains. And this week, 60 degrees, sunny, and humid!

So my husband and I decided it was worth getting out of the house to avoid the typical cabin fever that tends to set in around this time of year and take our first hike of 2017.

Since the focus of my posts is weight management and fitness, I wanted to share some of the biggest things I noticed about today in doing something active on top of doing our regular morning workout.

  1. I felt initial burning soreness on the steepest parts of the trail. This made it hard to keep going as I feared I would injure myself. But as I payed closer attention, I realized I could feel that strength that I’ve been building ever so slightly in the past two weeks. As I pushed myself, the pain would fade and I’d soon find my stride.
  2. I’m feeling the difference, but its definitely still just internal right now. We of course took some pictures on our hike, and I felt myself slightly disappointed to see that I looked the same. But I remember it takes up to 3 weeks to start seeing a difference personally, and even longer for others to notice. I feel it though, and I know the changes are happening!

Bottom Line…………..KEEP GOING!

Here’s today’s video taken right at the heart of the falls! Enjoy! Oh and special guest appearance…my man!

For the Love of Peppermint!

Ok, I know its still a little early, but who doesn’t think of Peppermint during Christmas time??? If pumpkin spice is the flavor of Fall, then peppermint is certainly the flavor for Christmas! I’m craving a peppermint hot chocolate now just thinking about it!

And if you think the candy is good, the essential oil is a BAJILLION times better!! It’s a staple in my home because it has so many uses besides smelling amazing!

Here’s why its so awesome!

  • With menthol being one of the key constituents of this oil, you betcha its going to open up the airways. And I’m not just talking a little tingle of clearing, I’m saying one sniff and WHOA! HALLELUJAH! So if your feeling a little sniffly, try a drop in a bowl of warm water, place a towel over your head and breath in :).
  • Peppermint not only can wake up those nasal passages, but it can also wake up your brain! It is great for mental focus and a pick-me-up during that 3 o’clock slump at the office.
  • It’s also great for minor aches and pains due to normal activity. Rub it in with some coconut or grapeseed oil to help in spread over a wider area.
  • Supporting the digestive system is another awesome thing this beauty does. When you’ve had one of those super good, super fatty, I feel over-stuffed, meals, peppermint can help move things along 🙂 That’s why half the restaurants hand them out after meals.

I have a friend who’s daughter used it to improve focus during a test and said she definitely noticed an improvement in concentration!

Adding a 3-4 drops to a brownie mix recipe is sure to be a hit at your next party for sure! I know it is everytime I bring it!

And so much more! So, do you want to try a sample? Contact me and let me know!

Happy Wednesday!

Thieves Essential Oil Blend

Thieves! Talk about a versatile blend of awesomeness!! But why is it called Thieves?

Legend has it that back during the Bubonic Plague era, a band of thieves used this blend of essential oils and went around robbing the graves and dead bodies of all valuable items, without contracting the deadly disease. When they were finally caught, they were questioned about how they survived. They told the authorities that it was this blend of essential oils that kept them healthy!

So what’s in Thieves Essential Oil Blend???

  • Clove
  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon
  • Eucalyptus Radiata
  • Rosemary

Each of these oils are super high is immune system support and germ busting properties. It also makes an excellent cleaner that be used safely on any surface and is safe around you kids, pets, and families.

Check out this awesome experiment a friend of mine did with 1 drop of Thieves Oil on a piece of bread!! She put one drop on a piece of ordinary bread, stuck it in a ziploc bag with a damp cotton ball, and let it sit for two weeks. Check out the results!!


Needless to say, Thieves is definitely a part of my family’s everyday routine. I usually diffuse it at night while I’m sleeping so I don’t even have to think about it. Plus, it smells amazing!! Add 3 Drops of Thieves and a Drop of Orange to your diffuser and I swear it smells like Fall!!

And here’s how awesome Thieves can clean! Check out this Video Kelly did testing Thieves Cleaner against Windex!

Anyways, now you know! If you’d like to find out how to get your own bottle of thieves, just contact me!


Testimony: Supporting Brain, GI & Emotional Health

Jennifer Burns shared her story today and I just had to pass this along.

Ok, I just HAVE to post. Warning, it’s going to be long, LOL. I’m new to YL and most of you don’t know me yet. A little background on me; I’m 44 years young, I’m a wife and a mom to 2 amazing boys and I’m a registered nurse. Unfortunately, I also have a terminal condition (inoperable brain tumor) and I’ve been pretty sick for the past 2 years. I’m so fed up with the medical profession and their inability to help me, that I’ve been looking at alternative ways to support a healthy lifestyle. I’ve mainly been looking to support my brain health, my emotional well being and my GI health. A typical day for me usually starts by waking up with violent nausea and a horrible, debilitating headache. I usually end up taking some Excedrin for the headache, Zofran for the nausea and Protonix to keep the Excedrin from making my ulcers bleed. Some days, the meds help and I’m able to actually get out of bed, some days not. I also have short term memory problems due to where my tumor is located. I frequently get lost in conversations with people and forget what we are talking about. I’ve not been able to use the stove for the last year because I tend to forget that I’ve put something on to cook…until I smell it burning. My reading comprehension has been around 2 to 3 sentences. Anything more and I end up re-reading and re-reading just to try to understand. Obviously, my quality of life has not been that great. I haven’t been able to work since December 2014 for these reasons.

In my quest to feel better, I’ve been researching EO’s in addition to other non-traditional health support. Last week, I FINALLY bought a [Young Living] PSK and got started. (I also went a TAD overboard and ordered about $1200 worth of oil[s] too… 😮 No, my husband doesn’t know yet. I’m waiting on my new oils to diffuse my Joy when I confess, LOL) Since that time, I’ve been reading up on how best to support my head and my tummy. I started off making a few rollers for brain support, using my DiGize, Copaiba and Peppermint for my tummy support and Frankincense and Lavender to support my emotional well being. I’m using the oils that I have on hand (and a few of my BFF’s YLEO’s) that are supposed to support those systems until I get my other oils. I just want to take a few seconds and brag and tell you how [the] last 7 days have gone:
First, I’ve been up and out of bed EVERY SINGLE DAY. My nausea and headaches haven’t been all consuming. I’ve not had to take even one Excedrin or Zofran this week. I haven’t gotten lost in a conversation in the past 5 days. I’ve been able to read a little more than a page at a time before I have to go back and re-read to understand. My thoughts are clearer and I’ve had so much more energy. (Not to mention how nice my house smells!!) I’m not sure how my next days will go, but I’m SO THANKFUL for the last 7!!! I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become an oil junkie. 😀 …

Isn’t that AWESOME!! There are so many stories of essential oils making a HUGE impact on people’s lives!! Imagine how much of a positive impact that will have on her family and being able to spend more time with them! So, want to find out how essential oils can support a healthier lifestyle for you?? Let’s chat!