Day 12-14: When Laziness Hit

Laziness. It’s the thing that keeps you on the couch, makes excuses, justifies your feelings, and I got caught in it again. I was so sore, so tired from this past week that my motivation just fizzled out. I didn’t completely lose my way, but I slacked on my commitments. Today was a struggle as I forced myself to get back on track.

Here are the videos from the past few days. I encourage you all, don’t let yourself slip like I did. It gets harder every time you let yourself slide just a little. It truly is a slippery slope. Catch yourself early, turn back around, and keep going!


Day 11: Another Long Day

Thursday’s comical start involved finding out my car was not down for the count but just in Reverse, which is why it wouldn’t start back up. I laughed even harder that morning! To my defence, the readout for what gear it’s in is broken. I’m not a complete idiot. 

Outside of that it was another long but progressive day. Smoothie King is my new obsession and Panera Rapid pick up is super handy! 

Here’s today’s video!