Day 15: Date Night Delay

This post comes the morning after day 15 due to spending time with my husband last night. We make it very important to spend time with each other, and with the approaching busy days, we won’t have time alone together again until Sunday.

So here’s yesterday’s recap, nothing all that exciting. Just getting myself back on track and successfully avoided bread for two days in a row now. Sorry that the sound is so quiet. Didn’t want to wake my husband.


Day 3: Blast from the Past!

Guys, I am so highly entertained right now!! Literally had a blast from the past that totally MADE my day!! Some college kids were jamming out in their car next to me to “Who’s in the House” by Carmen. I’m still laughing! This is the epitome of bad white guy rapping in the 90s! But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED this artist back then and have good memories of jamming out with my dad to his music!!

Oh and of course here is today’s recap of successes and stresses today. I’m seriously considering adding Carmen music to my workout routines 🙂