Day 16-21: Too Busy for Words

Alright. Needless to say I’ve been slacking off a little this week. Two weeks in a row of having some super busy work days has just thrown me completely off. But that’s an excuse and I let myself slack.

Anyways, I’ve been posting videos still, just haven’t had the chance to post them in my blog as well. So, I’ll just be sharing a link to my channel tonight and you can watch if you like.

Of the successes I can count towards this Slique in 60 challenge, I’d say I’m still successful in staying away from high sugar drinks and pastries. Most nights I’ve gotten the 7 hours of sleep, and my work actually accounted for a lot of exercise because of how much I would walk each day.

My struggles have been regular focused exercise and water consumption since I was running around so much for work. And keeping up with videos. I think I’ve only missed 2 or 3 so far, and just ended up summing two days in one video.

But that ends this week. It’s a new start, a new month approaching, and I’m sticking to my guns starting tomorrow. No more birthday or work excuses, I’m getting this done. Never give up!!

Even if you stumble, don’t stop. Each day is a new day, a new start. Learn from your past and move forward. Period.

Thanks for reading!


Day 10: When the Car Broke Down

Today was a day. A very long day. Highly comical if you have the right attitude, and very tiring all the same. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Unloading 80 dining room chairs off a truck bed in the morning. Yes 80. GREAT WORKOUT!
  • Detailing and explaining all the issues we’ve had with this company I hired. They were very gracious and eager to make things right.
  • Multiple scrapes to my hands. So glad I have Lavender lotion with me!!
  • Car dies. Needs new starter. I am within walking distance of both my hotel and a service center and I have Triple AAA! 

See what I did there? Gratitude! I could have been the most stressed-out and frustrated person today, but I chose not to. God gave me a heart of gratitude and focus, allowing me to move forward, laugh it off, and find solutions. I am SO grateful for this change in me that He has been developing over the past 6 months-1 year.

I loved this day!