How to use Essential Oils


When using oils topically, many oils are safe to apply directly to your skin. There are some oils that are referred to as “hot” meaning they would create a warm/hot sensation if applied directly on the skin. In this situation, you would need a “carrier” oil. A carrier oil is a pure vegetable oil with larger molecules that you use to dilute the Essential Oil so it isn’t irritating to the skin. It also helps spread the Essential Oil over a larger area. Vegetable Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Coconut Oil are all examples of carrier oils. How many of you already have one of these oils in your home right now? (raise hand) See! You already have what you need to start using Essential Oils!

Other oils are perfectly fine to use “neat” meaning the oil is gentle enough you can apply it directly on the skin.

How do you know which are hot and which are neat? Labels. Young Living puts instructions on the label of every bottle they produce so they can make is easy for us (show label from bottle and read directions)

Where do you apply these oils? For simple things like aches and pains, you would naturally apply directly to that area. But for other things such as mood boosting, supporting certain systems of the body, how do you know where to apply? Our favorite way to accomplish this is using a system called Vita Flex Points. You can easily find the charts with a simple Google search. These charts show you that there are many points on your feet, hands, and along the spine that correlate to the rest of your body. So for example, the big toes of your feet are reflex points for your brain. So when I need to calm the racing thoughts in my head, I’ll apply lavender to relax.

Now you may be hearing this thinking, “man, I hope I don’t mess this up and I remember what she’s saying” Hear me on this–you absolutely can not mess up with Essential Oils! Even if you accidentally put a “hot” oil on your skin or your child, you just go and get some carrier oil and keep applying to the area until the irritation is gone. If you accidentally rub your eye and your eye starts to burn (I’ve done this so many times), put carrier oil in your eye. Don’t EVER use water, it will make it spread and intensify. Oils are safe and easy to use. And just like many things, you feel more confident and learn more the more you use them!


Another way to use an oil is to simply breathe in the vapors. There are a number of ways to do that, and one is to use a diffuser which comes in every premium starter kit (show operating diffuser). Another way is to simply drop some in the palm of your hand and cup your hands over your nose and inhale slowly over 1 minute. (demonstrate or if a small crowd, give them a drop to try)

Inhalation is a great way to get immediate relief from anything going on in the head–be it a runny nose, congestion, or bad moods, inability to sleep or wind down, or stress.


The third way to use oils is by ingesting. I can only recommend ingesting the Young Living brand because those are the only oils that I can be certain of their purity. Again, the label on the bottle will always include instructions for “dietary supplement” if an oil is ok to ingest.  In fact, Young Living has made it even easier by creating a special label called Vitality for oils that are safe for ingesting (show bottle). You can put a drop in your water or tea, in a capsule, or you can simply put some on your finger and apply to the