How are Oils Extracted?

There are a number of ways that essential oils can be grown and extracted that are extremely cost efficient and produce large amounts of oil that can be sold very cheaply. A few of them are:

  • Using chemicals or solvents that mix with an Essential Oils in the final product and leave chemical residue in your oils.
  • Diluting the pure essential oil with another oil or a synthetic substance to make it go further
  • Steam distilling the same batch of plants over and over
  • Spraying crops with chemical pesticides to avoid losing part of the crop to pests
  • Adding chemical fragrances to make them smell sweet or “nice”

Young Living doesn’t use any of these cost cutting methods! In fact, most of those methods produce very inferior oils that in comparison, are not as potent nor have the same amount of healing compounds. This is the #1 reason I choose Young Living because of their commitment to quality before their bottom dollar.

Young Living is the only company to offer a guarantee of Certified Therapeutic Grade oils through their Seed to Seal process. They are truly unique!

Seed-First, before a plant or see is ever put in the ground, it is inspected. YL makes sure before the planting that this seed or plant will yield a therapeutic quality oil and is the correct species.

Cultivate-Young Living owns their own farms in the US and around the world. This way they can closely monitor the seed to seal process. They are the only oil company producing therapeutic grade essential oils that own their own farms. For the plants that they do not grow themselves, they operate closely with co-op partners and travel to these co-op farms multiple times a year to maintain relationships with the owners and make sure the seed to seal process is being carried out.

Distill-Young Living has created their own proprietary technique of distilling oils from plants by combining both ancient and modern practices. Proper temperature, proper harvest times, and a multitude of factors all play a role in making sure the oil has the highest amount of therapeutic properties

Test-Young Living has set the industry standard for Essential Oil testing! Not only do they test each batch to make sure the oil has not been contaminated, adulterated, or diluted, but they test it for the amount of bio-active healing compounds. You can be sure that each bottle of Young Living oil you buy will always contain the same amount of bio-active compounds, a testing that no other oil company does. As an extra measure, they send their batches to 3rd party labs not affiliated with Young Living to make sure the oil is pure and potent. Because of this high level of testing, Young Living oils are exclusively used in many hospitals across the US. If a batch of oil does not test to their standards, it will not be sold.

Seal-Young Living carries the guarantee for a pure unadulterated oil all the way to the sealing of the bottle. The factories are sterile and clean, and the machinery is kept dust free and frequently inspected so there is no chance your oil will be contaminated during the bottling process.

Because of this commitment, I will only ever use and talk about Young Living’s Essential Oils. I know I’m getting the best straight from the farm and the highest potential for supporting the health of myself and my family. If you’d like to learn more about their Seed to Seal Guarantee, check out there website here.