Day 32: The Night I Joined a Fit Club

Yup! I wasn’t planning on it. Had no intentions of spending any extra money to stay in this challenge. But Facebook advertising is getting good….and it caught my eye. So on a whim and a good offer, I checked it out tonight. And I am super glad I did! I struggle so hard with consistency. I get bored with routine sometimes. And that “I’m about to die” feeling from a “good workout” just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t want my workout to completely drain me for the rest of the day and into the next. And I didn’t even realize this until I walked in that door tonight. I had no idea that that’s part of the reason I don’t stick with the crazy intense workouts, and why I would shy away from exercise in general. I had to have someone else tell me its ok to not feel like you’re dying, or your legs feel like jello, still get a good workout and still see results. So I’m kinda sorta really SUPER PUMPED about this place.

Watch the video, I’ll tell you more 🙂

And PS, I’m down four pounds now and lost a few inches off my waist. Progress!!


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