Day 10: When the Car Broke Down

Today was a day. A very long day. Highly comical if you have the right attitude, and very tiring all the same. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Unloading 80 dining room chairs off a truck bed in the morning. Yes 80. GREAT WORKOUT!
  • Detailing and explaining all the issues we’ve had with this company I hired. They were very gracious and eager to make things right.
  • Multiple scrapes to my hands. So glad I have Lavender lotion with me!!
  • Car dies. Needs new starter. I am within walking distance of both my hotel and a service center and I have Triple AAA! 

See what I did there? Gratitude! I could have been the most stressed-out and frustrated person today, but I chose not to. God gave me a heart of gratitude and focus, allowing me to move forward, laugh it off, and find solutions. I am SO grateful for this change in me that He has been developing over the past 6 months-1 year.

I loved this day!


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