Day 7: Hiking with Hubby

We’ve had some crazy weather in TN lately. Last weekend, it was snowing. I mean, 2 inches near the city and 5 inches in the mountains. And this week, 60 degrees, sunny, and humid!

So my husband and I decided it was worth getting out of the house to avoid the typical cabin fever that tends to set in around this time of year and take our first hike of 2017.

Since the focus of my posts is weight management and fitness, I wanted to share some of the biggest things I noticed about today in doing something active on top of doing our regular morning workout.

  1. I felt initial burning soreness on the steepest parts of the trail. This made it hard to keep going as I feared I would injure myself. But as I payed closer attention, I realized I could feel that strength that I’ve been building ever so slightly in the past two weeks. As I pushed myself, the pain would fade and I’d soon find my stride.
  2. I’m feeling the difference, but its definitely still just internal right now. We of course took some pictures on our hike, and I felt myself slightly disappointed to see that I looked the same. But I remember it takes up to 3 weeks to start seeing a difference personally, and even longer for others to notice. I feel it though, and I know the changes are happening!

Bottom Line…………..KEEP GOING!

Here’s today’s video taken right at the heart of the falls! Enjoy! Oh and special guest appearance…my man!


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