Day 4: What Challenge?

Oh yeah! I’m doing Slique in 60 Challenge. Right!

There are some days at work that I am so focused that it’s hard to remember anything else going on during that time, or even be able to look past those days to plan for other upcoming important events. I do that a lot. And today was a big meeting, so while I kept to my healthy eating, avoiding yet again more pastries, I hardly paid attention to how I felt and definitely snacked when I felt hungry.

All in all it was a great day and I am very thankful for an oil trio I use to help keep my nerves down for a presentation. It seriously works every time!! I put Sacred Mountain on the back of my neck, Stress Away on my wrists, and Joy over the heart. Totally helped!!!

And having an attitude of gratitude also made all the difference when our clients were not thrilled by our design for their space. I was just thankful that we presented it so that they understood it, and that they were honest with their response.

Here’s today’s recap!


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