Day 1: Slique in 60 Begins!!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Over the next 60 days I’ll be sharing a video journal of my journey through Young Living’s Slique in 60 Challenge. I have never done this before and am eager to share where I am at with others because this is “rock bottom” for me right now. I’ve never weighed this much and much of what I have eaten over the past 9 months has just been trash, and my body has told me as much. But I share because it really is true that anyone can make a positive change if they just decide to do it. Then simply set a goal, break it down into tasks, and get it done.

So here’s where I am at on Day 1 of this Challenge. And if you want to know all my stats and the exercise regimen my husband and I are following for the next 30 days, check out my post from a week ago where we started our first day of making positive changes for the next year.

And because I want your help keeping me on task with my commitments, here’s my 5 things from Young Living’s requirements that I am doing for the next 60 days.


I will admit I drank some Limeade from Zoe’s Kitchen, not thinking that it could be full of sugar. I am hoping it was all nature, but I can’t be sure. Always best to play it safe and stick with water. So I won’t make that mistake again. I accept the mistake, but it’s not going to stop me from continuing this challenge. Day 1 complete!



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