Wash Your Veggies & Fruits!

I am super lazy. There I said it. In many ways, but today I’m referring to when I bring home produce. Yes I know you’re supposed to wash them, but often times I just toss them in the fridge and move on with my day.

Well in a moment of not-so-laziness, I decided not only to wash my vegetables, but try out Young Living Thieves Fruit & Veggie Wash. I’ve been learning more about the harmful effects pesticides can have on our bodies….in fact I’ve been learning for almost two years, so you’d think I’d have done this sooner…but I’m fairly stubborn about my laziness.

Anyways, I tried it out and the results were lovely!!! I decided to record my little experiment so watch this video to find out what happened!

Thanks for watching! If you want to get some of this and try it for yourself, contact me here! Enjoy your evening!


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