All about Lavender

Oh my Lavender!! Let’s face it, who doesn’t know what lavender is. We all know its good for relaxation and sleep right? Instantly transporting you to your favorite spa 🙂

But Lavender, especially in the case of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, can do SO MUCH MORE! It’s great for the skin and great for supporting a healthy respiratory system, just to name a few!

In fact, when I first moved to East TN, I experienced the wonderful diversity of pollen that is a lovely addition to this area……(can you sense the sarcasm?). I absolutely love the mountains, but I wasn’t getting out much during the most beautiful times of Fall & Spring. So Lavender, thanks to its natural support of the respiratory system, has been a FANTASTIC addition to my daily health regimen! Not only does it help me sleep better every night, I find that 2 years later I don’t even notice the early signs of the change of seasons that a lot of people around me suffer from.

And sunburns? Lavender and aloe is a beautiful thing when you feel like a lobster.

I could go on and on, but instead I’ll just share some more fun facts about Lavender from Young Living’s Blog. Enjoy!



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